Wednesday, January 19, 2011

St. Paul Celebrates 125 Winters

Miss Nancy Rowe (above)  competed in the St. Paul Winter Carnival's "Fancy Skating Contest" roughly 100 years ago. There's no word whether she was a big winner, but we sure love her fur-trimmed skating costume. (Fingers are crossed that it's faux fur — doubtful, but we'll hope anyway.)

Beginning this month (Jan. 27-Feb. 6), the Winter Carnival, the nation's oldest winter festival, celebrates its 125th year. While girls and women no longer compete in "fancy skating" during the event, they do speed skate, play hockey, curl, play softball in the snow, run and cross-country ski.

Today it's 11 degrees — but feels like 3 degrees — Fahrenheit in Minnesota's Capital City. We hope they're all wearing their Cuddl Duds (designed and manufactured by O'Bryan Brothers, a Chicago company founded in 1921). 

Photo from Library of Congress Prints and Photographs

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  1. As a cultured disciple of social law, I plan to order my own calling cards shortly.

    Loved that skating costume!